Mgr. Kristýna Mothejzíková alias Beep

Graphic designer, illustrator and lecturer of computer graphics

I offer professional graphics services and playful illustrations.

My professional priorities: reliability, quality of work, individual approach and helpfulness.

I offer graphic design and layout (logos, business cards, promotional printed matter…), I create original illustrations and I also do the typesetting of printed matter, if needed. That is why I can offer you "from A to Z cooperation".

I studied many subjects in life (English, German, biology - genetics and mitochondia, gut microbiome,...) and eventually found my place as a creative person. But I also capitalize on my current practice with years of studies and careful work at the bilingual grammar school, the Faculty of Science of Charles University or the laboratory of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - I can communicate with you or prepare a training in German or English and sometimes even catch some translation errors. I look after the quality of the outputs thanks to trained care and patience. I turned my enthusiasm for scientific knowledge in the field of intestinal microbes into a book Břišani for children.

Drawing brings me great pleasure, and that's why I'm happy to be able to do it every day. Although I often draw jokes without words, I also like Czech language, playing with words and also books and leaflets without mistakes.

I draw snowmen, I plant leaflets and I design logos… and I like the enthusiastic reactions when a project succeeds - from a few stimuli there is suddenly a concept of promotion, a personal brand or a children's book. I like working on projects that make sense to me and that bring something good.

I have completed many courses (graphics and DTP, communication and management skills) plus years of experience and one of my faces was a lecturer of graphic aplications: Ps, Ai, InD, Fl or Corel.

If you've read this far, you probably already know if you want to work with me. And I'll be happy to hear from you.